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Pioneers of EBE are people who create and publish their components to feed the database and improve the software's functionality. If your creation works, looks nice and would help the community don't hesitate to publish it! This article explains the sharing features.



Here is the interface, the left part shows the component's appearance with its footprint. In the middle, we can see the first ranking it got (3.5 stars) and the generated content's description below. On the right, there are the 4 checklist points which you have to pay attention to.


Meeting all the criteria guarantees a certain degree of functionality, these are described like this :

  • Triviality: checks if the component is not empty, not isolated (no resources/specs) and is not useless (doesn't provide anything). If one of these is not satisfied then it is an error.
  • Encapsulation: checks the blocks' state, if red crosses are present in the design.
  • Standardization (currently under development): checks if the component conforms to a standard located in the type tree.
  • Documentation: checks if the component is well documented     


The first component's ranking is based on the checklist, if all the criteria are satisfied then a first ranking of 3.5 stars is attributed. This rank is meant to evolve depending on multiple variables such as popularity, dev team/users reviews and other parameters.

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