The OLED 0.96" I2C display

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Our first mission is to fill the database with the most famous maker components. For example, let's take the famous OLED screen display!

First, you will need to open a component template (add -> component template).

Then, add the resources with add->I/O pins, or click on the solver. Usually, you will need to find the datasheet for that, in order to configure the resources properly. Find more info about the resource configurator.

Here we have 4 inputs, all electrical, to power 5V/100mA and control the device over I2C. These are inputs because the screen cannot print anything if not supplied with these resources. In exchange, the device offers a "screen display" output, its only feature. Find more info about resource directions. Please keep in mind the pin order that should correspond to the standard norm (pin one at the top left corner)

Then, switch to the layout side and edit the footprint. You can add the body rectangle, or add the holes by adding a polygon, and switching its layer it to "threw". Please keep in mind the default unit as 0.1mm

Get back to the model side and edit the component information with the "Document" tool. 

Find a good supplier on the internet. It is always best to have an electronic specialized supplier (Digikey, Farnell, etc..) in order to have the manufacturer's reference. It will be important when ordering the final assembled PCB because our manufacturer needs this data. 

At the end, you can publish your component in the shared database. The score of your component is automatically computed before publishing. Please try to create a component that passes the four tests. Find more about the publisher.

That's it! It was a simple stand-alone component. Next time we will see how to design a multi-component preconnected module with the typical application schematic.


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